Hello. Unfortunately has been down due to recent DDoS attacks for no reason. The attacker may or may not stop but you can ask one of our moderators for help on when the CPPS will be back. The Site’s situation will be reported to the FBI, and we will establish some sort of strength to help the game’s uptime. In the meantime check back on the blog. We’re not sure why the attacker is doing this. We think it could be because of Jealousy. We think you should all stick to good CPPS’ such as pCPPS, Atlantic Penguin, All other CPPS are hard to trust. If you’d like your CPPS posting here, contact us.

Commands and Game Store

A Feature of is commands, as soon as you login to use commands you need to verify yourself. To verify your user simply type:


You should be notified that your user was verified and a user key is assigned (e.g. CPPS.pro248821). If nothing happens use !ping to see if you’re still connected.

There is also a game store allowing your user to purchase different products such as nameglow which can be configured on the System Account Control Panel.

This site has pages explaining in depth the use of these features.

Beta Over!

Hello Everyone! Good news, we’ve come out of our beta and everything seems to work. Thanks to

LucidLynx, Meredith, DrBorat. We hope that you enjoy your stay here at



we are currently working on the system it should be up soon…

– the team