Commands in Game*

Global Commands

!jsveric – Verifies your user

!jsvericd – Unverifies yoru user

!js – Displays user registration status

!jverif[0] – Displays your verification key (MUST BE 0)

!ai <item id> – Adds Item by ID

!af <furniture id> – Adds Furniture by ID

!ac <amount> – Adds Coins by ID (NOT CREDITS)

!buy <product> – Purchases a Product (e.g. nameglow) if you have enough credits

!credits – Display your credit balance

!gcredits <username> – Display’s user’s credits balance by name

!gname <user id> – Displays user name by ID

!gid <user name> – Displays user ID by name

!pm <user name><message> – Sends a private message to user (Doesn’t need to be buddy)

!ping – Returns SM packet from bot if the user is still connected

!id – Displays User’s ID

Moderator Commands (Rank simply not earn able unless matches admin&mod criteria)

Ability Kick from Player Card

!ban <username> – Bans user by name

!msg <message> – Sends visual message to server

!lswf <URL> – Loads Flash Clip onto Screen

Administrator Commands (Rank simply not earn able unless matches admin&mod criteria)

!ow <URL> – Opens website (server)

!alert <message> – Displays a closable error message across server


*Some commands are not included.

10 responses to “Commands”

  1. victor says :

    Whats the nameglow command, i just bought it….

  2. Jimbobjoe7 says :

    awesome thanks! by the way u guys should make more than 1 server cuz i just became a sub and the server is FULL so plz make more servers thanks,


  3. Jimbobjoe7 says :

    also, you should make it so everything loads like in the HQ the FISH catalog and the unlock items online and the banning and the after u play a game u earn coins well that loads forever! and LET US IN THE SPORT SHOP PLZ WE BEG U!


  4. bendiegpx says :

    hear today I saw that someone had made me bigger and bigger I can do

  5. Aiden Berkley says :

    how do you get the tuff hair?

  6. gunnerban says :

    LucidLynx! I have a super great Idea!!!! I know the movie is not based in disney’s property but i would like penguin to change their igloos to some backgrounds of a movie called madagascar 3! And penguins have to dress like all of madagascar 3 characters! If you can try to video this! If you liked my idea well, I THINK YOU CAN TELL THIS TO ALL THE PENGUINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. yorkcpps says :

    Lucid My Acc Says Pass Is Wrong😦

  8. sup says :

    hi i was wondering if u can do a command that makes the Bot say what u say like this !gl (message) and for all member ?

  9. bendran says :

    question when I register with my penguin to have free rpasporte not work and I appeared nothing had passed as I can qe arregrarlo

  10. bendran says :

    I do want qe pasporte as you said in your youtube vide qe when we were checking hibamos already have pasporte and I have a trap

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